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Don't Procrastinate - Make Your Will Today!

LI know it is hard to think about getting your will done. It is one of those things that we procrastinate upon. 

Just about everyone who finds out that I am a lawyer will say, “Really? You know, I have been thinking about getting my will written but I keep putting it off.  Maybe I will give your office a call this week.”  It is very common to recognize the importance of having a will, but it is also very common not to carry it out.  

According to a recent poll over half of the people in Ontario are without a will.  The most common reason for not getting a will is that people think they are too young.  Getting a will, many say, is for those in their 60s or 70s.  The reality is that everyone who is 18 years of age or older should have a will.  If you are a young parent, you have as many reasons as you have children to get a will.

At BUSSEY AINSWORTH we can help you draft your will for all the right reasons.  Contact us today at 705 749 0628.

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